As we move past Thanksgiving and edge into December, suddenly that 'end of term' feeling awakens and the advent calendar has me counting the days until my Christmas break!
As a freelancer, it can be tricky to take time off - or at least 'real' time off that counts - and so I always try to wrap up around mid December until the first week of January to ensure a good 2-3 weeks away from my desk to spend with my family. And that's my motivation for my working days throughout December, as I concentrate on my to do list each day.
December always seems to be a period for wrapping up - not least in terms of a warm coat and scarf or getting the gifts around the tree - but in terms of cleansing and purging. I am pretty process oriented and use to do lists, spreadsheets and calendars to keep me on track and focused. This time of year is no different, but I tend to add new items to my lists, such as sending out Christmas cards to clients, file paperwork, archive projects files, clean up inbox and archive emails ~ it always feels so cleansing to think that I'll be starting the new year afresh, and helps me to fully switch off while I'm on my Christmas break.
December can feel like a bit of flurry in terms of deadlines ~ some known, scheduled and planned, and others added suddenly by clients after realising that the festive skeleton staff won't be able to support the project needs during the holidays. And that's ok, it tends to add to the excitement; knowing that we're all trying to pull together and deliver so that we can spend time with our loved ones is pretty heart warming. This time of year also tends to bring with it a sense of compassion, patience and collaboration ~ the best and warmest qualities in people.
So as I waffle on romantically about this time of year, feeling incredibly grateful that I have family to spend this time of year with, I'd like to thank all of my clients for their support throughout 2021 ~ it's been a year of wide variety, projects large and small and of all different types. Thank you for trusting me with your projects. And to my fellow freelancers and colleagues, clients and friends, I wish you all the warmest of Christmases and all the best for 2022!
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